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Covid-19 update on travel restrictions

Canada immigration Covid-19 update on travel restrictions

Canada will end the quarantine requirement as of July 5th. If you’re traveling to Canada and are fully vaccinated, from July 5th Canada will end the mandatory quarantine of 14-days. However, special measures will still be in place.

This is only applicable to travelers who have permission to enter Canada. Canada’s border remains close for the majority of foreign nationals. Those who meet at least one of the following exemptions listed below will be allowed to enter the country, including Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and other essential travelers.

Fully vaccinated travelers will still have to go through some testing. Travelers should carry a negative PCR test taken 72 hours early before departure. The travelers upon reaching Canada have to undergo the Covid-19 test. If the travelers are fully vaccinated, they will not have to undergo quarantine while awaiting their test results. However, one still has to be ready with the quarantine plan in case if by any chance they do not meet the necessary requirements.

Before traveling to Canada travelers will have to submit their vaccination proof via the ArriveCAN app. Vaccines that are approved by Health Canada are eligible for this exemption.

COPR-holders can travel to Canada as of June’21: If you have a valid confirmation of permanent residence, you can travel to Canada to activate their status

However, there are still the majority of COPR-holders who have been unable to activate their status since March’20. There were many exemptions have been made for other kinds of immigrants, including international students and various categories of temporary workers.

If your COPR is expired, you cannot travel to Canada until your COPR is reissued.

Canada extends the ban on non-essential travel with all countries, including the U.S., until at least July 21: Non-essential travel will remain closed until at least July’21. Even if the travelers are fully vaccinated, they will be unable to travel until they are permitted to enter Canada under the current travel restrictions.

Who can enter Canada during Covid-19?

Are you planning to travel to Canada during Covid-19 or once the borders are open? Explore more to know who can enter Canada during COVID-19.

Following are the groups who can enter Canada whether by air or by land:

  • Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents
  • Extended family members and long-term partners of Canadian citizens and PRs
  • Temporary residents in Canada can welcome their Immediate family members.
  • Temporary workers with a valid work permits.
  • COPR-holders with a valid COPR.
  • International student with a valid study permit or a letter of approval for a study permit.
  • IEC participants with a valid job offer in order to enter

There are many other exceptional exemptions. Contact Surani immigrations for more information.