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New Pathways to PR Program

IRCC announced new pathways to permanent residence programs for essential workers and international students who are contributing to Canada’s economy. IRCC has launched six new PR streams during the month of May 2021 that will make it easier for essential workers and international students to become permanent residents. Book your appointment with Surani Immigration to get experienced advice on the immigration process. 

About New Pathways

  • The programs were launched on May 6, 2021, and will remain open till November 5, 2021, or until the maximum number of applications have been submitted, whichever comes first. 
  • IRCC accepts applications from 90,000 eligible candidates and an unlimited number of applications from French-speaking candidates. Applications are accepted under the following three categories:
    • 20,000 applications are for temporary workers under healthcare. 
    • 30,000 applications are for temporary workers in other essential occupations.
    • Remaining 40,000 will be allocated for international students who have recently graduated from Canadian universities.

What are the new programs launched?

  • Following programs are launched for candidates already residing in Canada. 

    • Permanent Residence (PR) pathway for international student graduates;
    • PR pathway for essential workers in healthcare;
    • PR pathway for essential workers in other occupations;
    • PR pathway for French-speaking international student graduates;
    • PR pathway for French-speaking essential workers under healthcare;
    • PR pathway for French-speaking essential workers in other essential occupations.

    The candidates must be legally employed in Canada while they apply for the above pathways. They must also meet the minimum language requirements. Additionally, these six programs are only for the applicants who intend to stay outside Quebec province. 

General eligibility criteria

  • Workers must have at least one year of work experience in Canada for essential workers in healthcare or any other occupation.
  • Must be currently employed in Canada
  • Must have attained language proficiency of at least CLB level 4 for workers and for students CLB score should be at least level 5 in English or French in the last 2 years if applying under Foreign national’s program. If the candidate is applying under the French-speaking program, at least CLB Level 4 for workers and at least CLB Level 5 for students.
  • Must not intend to reside in the province of Quebec.

How to Apply?

  • Eligible candidates must have to submit the applications online via IRCC’s application portal. The process includes the following four steps:
    1. Collect all the following documents
      • Completed application forms;
      • Civil status documents;
      • Proof of education credential and transcripts of Canadian education (if applicable);
      • Proof of language proficiency;
      • Work reference letters from a Canadian employer;
      • Passport copy;
      • Copies of all Canadian immigration permits;
      • Police clearances;
      • Medical examination results;
      • Digital photo.
    2. Once the registration process is completed, the candidate will have to submit personal details, upload the supporting documents, and complete and upload a variety of required forms.
    3. Pay the required fees for the process and keep a copy of the receipt.
    4. When ready, submit the application.

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The Fastest growing PR Program is: Provincial Nominee Program

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