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Tips for newcomers in Canada


Finally, after all, dreaming and planning, you have made your way to Canada. Now you’re ready to start your new life in Canada. Canada offers wonderful opportunities for newcomers. The initial few days after moving to Canada can be overwhelming, but knowing where to start can make it a little easier.

Check out the most important things you’ll need to do during your first 2 weeks in Canada.

Things to do during your first 2 weeks in Canada

  1. Get your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

    SIN is a nine-digit number that authorizes you to work in Canada. If you’re in Canada on a temporary work permit, your SIN will start with a ‘9’. You can collect your SIN at any Service Canada office, and if the queues are short, it would hardly take 30 minutes. Make sure to bring your work or study permit with you along with your passport.

  2. Set up a bank account

    Having a bank account in Canada is important to manage your bills and debit card payments, and stay away from expensive withdrawals from your home account.

  3. Get a local cell phone plan

    It is necessary to have a local data plan to avoid costly roaming charges from your home provider. The local cell phone is the best option for you especially if you’re on a two-year visa.

  4. Search for accommodation

    If you do not have any local references, it could be a disadvantage, as some apartment owners seek these details. If you encounter such circumstances, you’ll have to keep trying until you find a landlord who’s more flexible.

  5. Secure yourself with medical care

    Depending on the eligibility, each family member will receive their health care, issued by the provincial or territorial government. Some provinces and territories do provide a waiting period before newcomers are eligible. Until then you can avail of temporary private health insurance.

  6. Know about your new life

    Canada is known for its multiculturalism and has many helping hands to guide newcomers to feel at home. Public libraries are great resources to find community and government resources. Even free internet access; community centers are great sources of information, activities, and friendships.

  7. Register your children for school and child care

    Register your child to attend public elementary, middle, and high school free of charge as long as their parent or guardian has been permitted to do so. Depending on your status, you can either register your child with school boards or choose a local school. If you’re a full-time worker and looking for a daycare for younger children, newcomer services organizations can guide you to find a suitable daycare in your area.

  8. Make friends/networking

    Get to know people and start building a solid network of good friends and acquaintances that can help you feel truly at home in your new city.

Plan for your stay in Canada and enjoy the multicultural life in Canada. Book an appointment now with Surani immigration with one of our education consultants.

Tips for newcomers in Canada